In Brisbane: 3 Common Floral Delivery Mistakes

Although ordering florals online for delivery is convenient and pretty straight forward, it’s easy to make mistakes. It’s easy to drop the ball while you’re distracted or in a rush to get your gift to that special someone.

Luckily, online floral deliveries are exceptionally easy. As long as you know what to avoid (and what to remember), you should have no problem spoiling your loved one with beautiful flowers (and even chocolates or champagne too!). With 30 years’ experience under our belt, we at Redlands Fresh Flowers have listed some common mistakes people make!

#1 The Wrong Address

Surprisingly, this happens way too often. People tend to shop online as they have little free time to waste walking down to the shops during business hours and browsing limited floral selections at brick-and-mortar florists. It’s easy to make a tiny mistake when you’re in a rush or distracted – and have your delivery of florals arrive at the wrong address in Brisbane!

Common culprits are usually a typo or unfortunate auto-correct, the wrong door number, or incorrect postcode. Your florals may arrive at the wrong address or not be dispatched at all until they get the correct address from you. Make sure to double-check the address you’ve entered and contact customer service quickly if you realise you’ve made a mistake after ordering.

#2 Forgetting A Card

Sure, forgetting to include a card with a personal message from you isn’t a disaster. However, it can mess up a perfectly planned surprise. Maybe you had a specific intent for the flowers that your recipient needed to hear. Maybe your recipient had no idea they were getting treated to florals and are confused about who sent them. Or perhaps you had a romantic gesture in mind, like an invitation to a date, that loses its impact without it. Either way, forgetting a card can be particularly frustrating after going through the effort of picking and purchasing the perfect gift for your special someone.

#3 Last Minute Orders

Surprises and spontaneous gestures of love, appreciation, or celebration are often last minute. However, that can make same-day deliveries difficult when ordering at the end of the day. This can become impossible on public holidays and celebrations like Valentines Day.

If you can, try to order your florals for delivery at least three to four days early, especially if it is close to the weekend or a public holiday.

With these tips, you should have no problem ordering flowers online for a straightforward and stress-free delivery in Brisbane. However, this is also dependent on the florist you choose. At Redlands Fresh Flowers, we have over three decades of experience exceeding expectations while sticking to budgets. With a streamlined process and quick deliveries, we will do everything in our power to ensure your delivery of florals is smooth, swift, and successful.

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