4 Signs You Need A New Online Florist In Brisbane

Having your go-to online florist is incredibly convenient in today’s busy world. With chaotic schedules and fast-paced business commonplace in Brisbane, being able to order fresh blooms to brighten up your space and have them delivered to your door in peak condition is a truly underestimated modern convenience. Using a knowledgeable and happy florist to guide you in your choices, especially for gifts, is invaluable for days when you need the inspiration.

However, many Brisbane residents don’t get to enjoy these benefits. At Redlands Fresh Flowers we’ve had countless new customers seeking our services after dealing with unhelpful, unprofessional online florists that provide substandard services and blooms. Don’t be one of them: you deserve better! Here are four signs that you need a new online florist.

#1 Lack Of Choices

Whether you are looking to brighten up your space with something unique or convey certain emotions and messages to a loved one, a large variety of blooms is essential. You don’t want to be stuck with the same bunch of lilies day in and day out. And you definitely don’t want to gift your special someone chrysanthemums, which are usually found on graves, instead of roses.

If your online florist only offers a small range of the same flowers, you need a new one! Find an online florist that spoils you with choice – so that you can spoil yourself or someone special with an array of different blooms and different emotions.

#2 False Flower Advertising

Today’s digitally-driven world has made it easy for online florists to advertise breathtaking blooms on their website – only for an entirely different bouquet to arrive at your door. We’ve heard of customers ordering bouquets of roses that were gorgeously irresistible online, but arrived with more green fillings than flowers! We’ve also heard horror stories of wasted money on flowers adorned in beautiful vases that arrived in green floral foam instead. If you’ve experienced anything like this, you need a new online florist you can trust to give you what you ordered.

#3 Wilted, Unhealthy, And Unhappy Flowers

If your online florist doesn’t offer wet truck deliveries (they should), they had  better offer deliveries that result in gorgeous, healthy, flourishing flowers! An online florist’s job is not only to choose and nurture the best flowers, but to ensure that they are delivered in peak condition too, especially considering Brisbane’s extreme temperatures. Otherwise, how will your bouquets last long enough to make them worth it? If your flowers are arriving damaged, wilted, or unhealthy, you need a new online florist that takes extreme care of your deliveries no matter what the weather.

#4 Late Or Forgotten Deliveries

This one is important. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the blooms you order are if they never arrive! Many online florists may offer stunning sprays and bouquets, but lose interest once they’ve been bought. We’ve heard horror stories of “I’m sorry” bunches of blooms and Valentine’s Day flowers never arriving or being days late! If you have ever experienced this, then you need a professional florist who guarantees same day deliveries – and stands by this.

If you would like an online florist in Brisbane that you can depend on come rain, shine, or COVID-19 – come to Redlands Fresh Flowers! As dedicated, passionate flower farmers and online florists, you will enjoy only the best hand-picked and sorted flowers delivered the same day in peak condition.

Contact us now to order and enjoy special emphasis on special orders!

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