Choosing The Right Sympathy Flowers While Browsing In A Logan Flower Shop

Finding the right flowers to express your sympathy and condolences should be easy right? Well, if you have an understanding of the language of flowers and their colours, then yes. Otherwise, when you enter a flower shop, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sights, scents, and sheer volume of different species of blooms. But keep calm and read on! Your local florist Logan is here to help. We’ve compiled the most popular sympathy flowers to help you show your loved one that you care. Let’s dive in!


Lilies bloom in summer, making it the perfect time to buy them. They represent renewal and rebirth, encouraging grieving families and giving them hope while symbolising the timeless essence of their lost member’s soul. This idea tends to go well with faith, making lilies perfect for faith-based ceremonies. And when it comes to colour choices, white is always the best choice. It represents both purity and eternal youth which can play into the idea of the everlasting impact this person has had on their loved ones or can commemorate someone who has died too young.


Yes, roses aren’t only for Valentine’s Day. They’re also the perfect flowers to express your condolences – but it’s the colour that is important. As with lilies, white roses symbolise purity and innocence (most white flowers do). Peach roses, on the other hand, express your sincerity and gratitude for the experiences you were lucky enough to have with someone who has passed on. Yellow roses also work, as they represent your friendship and support.


Purple hyacinths, in particular, are perfect for showing your sympathy, support, and sadness for the loss of a loved one. They represent sorrow and regret, showing your deep understanding of the loss their friends and family are facing. These gorgeous blooms communicate the shared pain you feel with the family members, the simplicity of which is sometimes better than clichés like “keep your head up.”


These breathtaking blooms have several meanings, the most salient of which make them perfect sympathy flowers. In general, they express your support and encouragement to feel better soon. What makes them the perfect sympathy flowers, however, is the custom of placing them on graves as they also act as a symbol of death. The combination of expressing your support, encouragement, and mourning whilst being reminiscent of graves and funerals makes chrysanthemums a favourite choice.

With these tips, you’ll have no problem choosing the right sympathy flowers to express your feelings and show your loved ones that you’re there for them. However, don’t waste time walking down to a flower shop. Order online at Redlands Fresh Flowers instead! We hand-grow our flowers with love and will have them delivered to the desired door on the same day in perfect condition.

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