Do You Know Why We Give Mother’s Day Flowers?

Mother’s Day flowers have been a time honoured tradition around the world for generations, and Brisbane is no exception. This significant celebration remains a cultural phenomenon, and most countries enjoy the tradition, albeit often on different days of the year. All across Brisbane this day is loved and enjoyed, from Victoria Point to Cleveland, Ormiston to Birkdale and Wellington Point. This is a day we all love to bring the family together. One thing that remains constant is the link between this day of celebration and  sending floral gifts, which are the quintessential symbol of fertility. However, there is a lot more to the story of this celebratory time than you may have thought.

A Brief History

As we know it today, Mother’s Day technically dates back to an event in America in1908. A woman by the name of Anna Jarvis organized a formal celebration at her church in West Virginia to honour her deceased mother. The holiday caught traction amongst others wanting to join in the celebration of their own matriarchal figures and soon it caught on to the wider world.

Why Floral Arrangements?

For most of our history, motherhood has been synonymous with springtime and natural growth, as the two are representative of life and fertility. Flowers emanate beauty and show the purity of nature. These are attributes many associate with the idea of a mother. Most importantly, these selections are given on this celebratory day to show love.

Gifting Ideas

Typically, chrysanthemums and carnations are the most traditional options when selecting the perfect arrangement for Mother’s Day. Pink carnations represent gratitude and red carnations represent admiration, both of which are emotions tied to the woman that raised you. Pink or yellow roses are also a great way to tell someone you love and appreciate them. However, sunflowers or tulips are a wonderful alternative to the traditional selections. With so many choices, you must find the ideal selection of colour, fragrance and style to suit the wonderful woman who raised you.

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