Funeral Flowers and Their Meanings

When a person you know and love is suffering the loss of a loved one, it’s difficult to know what to say. Sending sympathy flowers is the best way to show them your support without saying much whilst they go through a tough time. When you send funeral flowers in Brisbane to a memorial service or the mourner’s home, you show others that you’re considering them, regardless of whether you’re far away.

Sympathy flowers: Meaning and Symbolism

Right before you send flowers to a mourning friend, find out what each flower represents, as they each hold various meanings.


Chrysanthemums hold various significance around the world, so you ought to consider where the funeral will be and the culture and ethnicity of the deceased.


These flowers seem to be the most popular flower for grief. Lilies are the perfect option to send to those dealing with loss. Lillies symbolise harmony and hope.


A rose’s importance varies depending on its colour, so you’ll need to understand the significance of each colour before making a decision.

  • White Roses are the most popular choice for sympathy funeral flowers in Brisbane. Since they are a sign of new beginnings and an end of a chapter, they also signify remembrance.
  • Yellow Roses have a splendour that is an indication of friendship and warmth. In comparison, they may appear to be bright for a dark period. They express devotion to a friend and that you will always be there for them.
  • Peach Roses are another appropriate choice since they symbolise sincerity. They will let the mourning person know that you will be there for them during their hardships.


Similar to roses, carnations come in a wide assortment of colours. Furthermore, every one of these tones holds a different significance.

  • Red carnations represent love and devotion.
  • Pink carnations express the memory of a loved one who has passed away.


With long, elegant stems and long-lasting blooms, orchids symbolise never-ending love. When you send an orchid to a griever, you remind them that the deceased will forever be in your heart.

Sympathy Flower Colours

White is a well-known sympathy colour since it expresses purity, peace, and hope. Other delicate colours, including peach and pink, are also suitable alternatives. If you didn’t know the deceased too well, these traditional colours are an excellent choice.

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