How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Flowers To Complement Your Wedding Dress

At Redlands Fresh Flowers, the signature selection of our own farm-grown flowers, foliage and exotic imports from our trusted network often leaves brides-to-be overwhelmed with choice. More often than not, these women are searching for the perfect flowers to pair with their gorgeous wedding gowns. This can be tricky as you want a bouquet that matches your dress without outshining your radiance on the big day.

Your wedding flowers should fit seamlessly into your overall look – like a fine wine with the ideal entree. Here are our top two tips to help you make that happen!

#1 Consider The Shape

Surprisingly, the shape of your dress should be something that influences your choice of wedding flowers for your bouquet. Are you going to walk down the aisle with a long train trailing behind? Will you be revelling in the regal look of a large ball gown? Or, perhaps you’ve chosen a simple, straight skirt? You’ll want to choose wedding flowers that accentuate the shape of your dress, rather than hiding all that expensive design and tailoring. The flowers should also flow with your natural body to draw guests’ eyes to your best proportions.

For example, if your dress is long, elegant and trailing behind, you may want to choose wedding flowers that feature elongated, cascading sprays that are arranged to flow with your shape and trail like your train. These could include Delphiniums, Maiden’s Hair Ferns or even strings of Eucalyptus leaves. Or, if your dress boasts a tight, narrow waist, choose flowers that can be arranged to be narrowed to prevent overcrowding. Think a delicate bouquet of Orchids with bleached greenery and even String Of Pearl succulents cascading down.

#2 Consider The Style

Choosing the right wedding flowers in Brisbane is infinitely easier when you consider the style of your wedding dress. Our florists can pick out a range of flowers for you that fit seamlessly into the style of your wedding dress and décor. For example, if you are wearing a more traditional gown, round bouquets embellished with white Roses, pastel Hydrangeas and white Angelique Tulips would be perfect. Or, if your wedding is a more contemporary affair, sheaf bouquets of blooms of your choice surrounded by cascading Freesias, wild grasses, Jane Spray roses, Laurel Bud and Pierus will complement it beautifully.

We know that you want your big day to be the wedding you’ve always dreamed of and that can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Don’t worry, we at Redlands Fresh Flowers are here to help! We have years of experience helping brides navigate our labyrinth of blooms and use flowers as décor, design elements and the finishing touch. As a family-owned florist and flower farm, we know that weddings are a special, once-in-a-lifetime event, so you can trust us to ensure that the quality, type and arrangement of flowers are deserving of your day.

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