Picking The Perfect Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement For Your Special Someone

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the time to find the perfect flower arrangement for your beau is now. Forget cheap, lifeless gifts. You want your partner or crush to feel special, desired and completely in tune with the feelings you’re expressing. That’s why flowers are the best choice – and have been for centuries. Flowers bring vibrant colours, rich fragrances and life to their receiver, tantalising the senses as a gift to be remembered. They also symbolise and express your feelings in a way that captivates and enchants.

Our florists at Redlands Fresh Flowers are masters of the language of flowers, perfectly positioning them to help you pick the perfect arrangements of Valentine’s Day flowers in Brisbane for your special someone. Let’s get started!

#1 The Flowers

As I mentioned above, flowers are more than stunning – they speak to their receiver with symbolism and sentiment. By picking the right arrangement of blooms, you can express the essence of your feelings without saying a word. Red roses are the most passionate and sought-after flowers for Valentine’s Day for their rich crimsons, velvet petals and elegant stems. They communicate love, desire, passion and romance, all guaranteed to make your beau blush.

However, if you’re looking for something as unique as your partner, there are other equally beautiful options. Yellow Acacias may be the best blooms to gift your crush, especially if they are your best friend, as they symbolise true friendship and a secret, burning love. Jasmine offers intoxicating scents and symbolises love and sensuality, making it a gorgeous choice for a passionate lover. And it doesn’t end there – there are many flowers and foliage that will express your feelings. Chat to our florists and they will create an arrangement that expresses each of your emotions.

#2 The Colours

The colour of the flowers you choose can communicate your feelings and message very clearly. Each colour represents a different symbolism or sentiment, meaning you can get creative and combine colours to perfectly capture your message. Red is the obvious choice, as it is the universal colour of passion, seduction, desire, romance and love, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day. Blue flowers, like Hydrangeas, bring calmness and serenity into space while representing openness and intimacy, making them ideal for a new relationship or for a stressed special someone.

#3 The Extra Mile

Maybe you’re in the dog box, or perhaps your love cannot be captured by flowers alone. Whatever reason you have for going the extra mile, there are several ways to make it happen at Redlands Fresh Flowers. Firstly, always choose the option to include a personalised card. This way, you can whisper sweet nothings into your Valentine’s ear from afar. Secondly, embellish your gift of flowers with fine champagne and Ferrero Rocher chocolates to set the mood and spoil them. And finally, have your flower arrangement deliver to your loved one’s door or work to surprise them.

Pro tip: Make sure to order your flowers online at least one or two days before, as Valentine’s Day is extremely busy for us.

When it comes to the perfect Valentine’s Day flower arrangement, Redlands Fresh Flowers has everything you need! Whether it be putting emphasis on special orders, writing personalised cards, champagne and chocolates, door-to-door delivery, a labyrinth of flowers to choose from and the knowledge to guide you when doing so, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us now to pick your arrangement and book your delivery!


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