Roses: Meaning To Their Colour

Roses are the undeniable queen of the floral world when it comes to charm and beauty. However, they come in various colours, and when ordering a bouquet of roses to be delivered in Brisbane for a particular occasion, you must pick the appropriate colour. Also, the number of roses you give has a lot of significance. So, before you go out and order some roses, please read on to find out the importance of the colours and numbers.

The Red Rose: Red is a mainstream option among lovers, and it ranks first in terms of expressing love and desire through a gift. The colour is also associated with admiration and devotion.

The Yellow Rose: The colour yellow is connected with happiness and vitality, while roses are symbols of solidarity, companionship and care. These roses have no romantic overtones and will make excellent gifts for a platonic friendship.

The White Rose: White roses are frequently used in bridal bouquets to represent purity, innocence and a new beginning. The colour is also affiliated with youthfulness and is commonly used as a symbol of spirituality. When selecting the most romantic flowers for a special event, combining white with another colour is preferable to make the arrangement more appealing.

The Pink Rose: Pink comes in various shades, each with its own set of connotations. Pink is a colour associated with femininity, sweetness and elegance. Furthermore, the light pink shade evokes a sense of grace and cheerfulness, and the darker shades represent thanks and appreciation.

The Orange Rose symbolises desire, passion and curiosity, and it is one of the brightest colours found in roses.

Number of Roses

Let’s look at the significance of the number and optimal amount of roses to choose from when buying flowers from Redlands Fresh Flowers:

  • A dozen roses are the most significant way to convey “I love you” with a message of affection.
  • Six roses are a symbol of attraction and a desire to be closer.
  • Sending three roses is also a great way to express love.
  • Twenty roses represent sincerity and commitment.
  • Thirty-six roses are an outpouring of appreciation and a reminder of treasured times spent together.

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