The Meaning Behind Types Of Common Funeral Flowers In Brisbane

When considering funeral flowers in Brisbane as a gift or gesture be careful to select the right arrangement for the moment. As a meaningful item steeped in tradition and intention a wreath or arrangement is a time-honoured way of showing sympathy and compassion towards those most closely affected by the passing. The custom of sending these well-wishing gifts is a much-appreciated gesture, but have you ever wondered where it all started?

The Beginning

One of the oldest known uses of floral bouquets in a burial ceremony was found to be about 62 000 BC in what is now known as Iraq. Discovered during an archaeological dig in a dwelling cave, several human burial sites dating back to this time were surrounded by wreaths and loose petals. There are a number of theories as to the reasoning for these arrangements, from the pleasant smell to the connection to holiness, but what we are sure of is that they were present at the time of burial.

Another commonly seen historical example of wreaths in particular as a large part of ceremony and remembrance would be in ancient Greece. As wreaths form a circle, this particular arrangement was a symbol of continuity, the continuation of life and its natural order. While the Greeks often used flowers for their ceremonial wreaths, wreaths of evergreens have also been found and were used as a symbol of eternal strength in early Christian times. A way for Christian martyrs to express victory of their everlasting soul and their glory in death.

The Victorian Era

In England during the 16th-18th centuries, the burial or ceremonial procession of young women would be led by a similarly aged young woman carrying a white floral wreath. The decorative elements of the procession would bear similar flowers or petals. The colour of the wreath was of particular importance as white flowers were used to symbolise the purity of the deceased.

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