Tips To Buying Flowers From A Florist In Brisbane

Dealing with a professional florist in Brisbane gives you access to a higher range of flowers and arrangements, as well as their network. With a wide array of options available there are many ways to check that you are getting the best arrangement for your needs. Whether a small bouquet to buy or a large selection to be sent as a gift, you want to ensure you have the best options available for your money. Here are a few tips to finding the ideal arrangements when you buy flowers.

Inspect The Details

From petals and aging signs to elements of browning, it is not impossible when dealing with fresh flowers to have these elements pop up even under ideal conditions. There are, however, a few telltale signs that it could wilt sooner than the rest. Inspecting the finer details of the flower lets you tell the health and longevity of it. Dried black ends are an indication that the flowers are past their prime and brown spots are an indication that the flowers were cut improperly.

Check Stems & Bulbs

Stems should be wet when purchased or delivered, as storing them in water is integral to their longevity. It is also ideal to look for flowers that have not yet bloomed or are still small sized bulbs as this shows they are freshly cut and will last far longer. Open flowers are meant for same day gifting where you would want to give them as a gift that evening, for example.

Don’t Decide On Colour Beforehand 

While it is often the case where we have a colour or look in mind, we may not always be able to get it right. Often stuck between the right flower and the right colour, with and either/or decision to make. It is best to rather choose an ideal range of flowers inline with the time of year, and wait until you have the range in front of you to decide on which colour is best. While some occasions may call for specific colours, you wouldn’t want to end up buying something average looking just to get the right shade of purple you were looking for.

Pick Your Season

Flowers are plants and grow with the seasons, as such you need to know which fresh flowers you can expect to find. While there are exceptions in places, this is mostly not the case. Understanding what to expect better prepares you for the venture and won’t make you feel as silly when someone points out that her favourite flower does not in fact grow mid-winter as you thought.

Buying from a reliable florist in Brisbane is a great way to not only interact with floral specialists, but also get a trusted quality of flowers when you want to buy or send a gift for a loved one. No matter the occasion, contact Redlands today!

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