Why Are Orchids Ideal Personal Gifts In Brisbane?

When selecting a potted orchid in Brisbane as your gifting flower of choice there are not only ample reasons to make this choice, but also a great range to choose from. From birthdays to anniversaries and even memorial occasions, these elegant, long lasting flowers make for ideal gifts. Read on to see just what makes these floral options so stunning. From Thornlands, to Alexandra Hills we deliver quality to you.


A bouquet of cut flowers can make a lovely gift  but may not last as long as you would like. With a potted orchid on the other hand, the living flower will bloom for months after purchase and potentially long after that. A wonderful characteristic of orchids is that once they finish blooming they do not die, but rather enter a resting period. With proper care, these flowers will bloom again and again for years to come.

Conversation Pieces

These stunning flowers offer a range of colours that stand out in any setting and are sure to start a conversation when seen by your guests. Not only do these options beautifully accentuate any interior style, they have the power to spark conversation regarding general care, the benefits of plants in the home and office, or even the species present in your home.  Whether vibrant colours or simple shades, there are many options available which can perfectly suit any style or occasion.

Personal Touches

As a wonderfully personal item to be gifted to someone special, orchids are a constant reminder of the connection you have with the giver or receiver.  A long lasting gift that brings beauty and stunning fragrance into the home or office, or adds your own style to an occasion or event.

When you are looking for potted orchids in Brisbane be sure to find the best possible selection of plants to ensure you can get the best gifting item for all occasions. Whether needing a specific type or colour of orchid there are ample options available when you use the professional florists at Redlands. All across Brisbane these gift items are loved and enjoyed, from Victoria Point to Cleveland, Ormiston to Birkdale and Wellington Point. This is a gift that everybody enjoys. We have the widest range of flowers to suit your every need and offer professional delivery services to ensure your flowers arrive in perfect condition. Contact us right away!

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