Why Flowers Are The Best Gift For Delivery

Simply put, when you’re looking to order gift delivery in Brisbane, you can’t go wrong with flowers! They’re perfect for every occasion, celebration, and person. They are exquisitely beautiful, meaningful, and hold several symbols that can express a plethora of different feelings.

Whether for a celebration, loss, lover, or boss, flowers are the gift that keeps giving! Regardless of the situation, they can brighten up anyone’s day and leave them smiling after receiving a living, breathing symbol of your care. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at why flowers have been proven to be the best gifts for delivery in Brisbane!

#1 Special Significance And Symbolism

Each flower and each colour holds a special significance and meaning for the recipient. As masters of the language of flowers, we at Redlands Fresh Flowers have helped countless customers express their deep or complicated feelings in several ways through something as simple as colour.

Roses are romantic, yes, but did you know that white roses are a symbol of purity and innocence? They make stunning additions to wedding bouquets, while also being a thoughtful gift for someone grieving the loss of a loved one. Deep pink roses symbolise appreciation and adoration, making them an excellent Mother’s Day gift. On the other hand, pale pink roses signify femininity and beauty, something best left for someone you admire. Pure white lilies are also ideal for a funeral service, symbolising loss, purity, and the passing of someone special. Yellow flowers express your wishes for someone to get better after being sick – with Peonies being healing flowers.

As you can see, flowers offer endless opportunities to express countless different feelings and messages to your recipient – whatever your relationship. Contact us to discuss which flowers best convey your message!

#2 Will Never End Up In The Bin

Let’s be honest – we’ve all received a gift that has gone straight into the bin! Choosing gifts that resonate can be hard, especially when you’re not intimately close with the recipient. Luckily, flowers are always a safe choice, as they brighten up any space and any mood. Whether a dorm, flat, large house, or office, anyone would be happy to add a splash of colour and fragrance to their space.

#3 Proven To Improve Moods

Fresh, fragrant flowers have been proven to improve moods and increase positive feelings in recipients in several studies. Their colour, scent, inherent message, and ability to bring nature to you induce feelings of positivity, happiness, and specialness.

Studies have shown that recipients feel less stressed, anxious, depressed, or moody. In fact, one study found that adding flowers in hospital patients’ rooms led to them needing less pain medication!

Why waste money on a gift that may not resonate with its recipient or end up in the bin when you can order flowers for delivery that are guaranteed to make your special someone smile?

At Redlands Fresh Flowers, we understand the power of flowers and their symbolism; a timeless tradition that is only increasing in popularity in Brisbane! Whether you want a single bloom or a package filled with flowers, chocolates, and champagne, we’ve got the gift you need to succeed.

Order online now or contact us today!

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